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With 40 years of experience manufacturing Brass Nails, MS Self Tapping Screw, Brass Screw, Threaded Stud and more.


In the present era, the business environment is ever-changing and companies no longer wish to spend time sourcing every single fastener independently. They require a single source organization on which they can trust for their requirements of fasteners in their production process. Orient Metal Works is a manufacturer and supplier of high-volume fasteners. Located in Mayapuri Industrial Area, New Delhi, the capital of India, we are serving the requirements of many companies for quality Threaded Stud, MS Self Tapping Screw, Brass Screw, Brass Nails and MS Machine Screw. 

Since our inception in 1983, we have gathered hand-on experience in the fastener industry. This experience enables us to secure a strong working partnership with various clients based in India. We have the ability to swiftly respond to clients needs and offer quick solutions for their needs. Orient Metal Works employs a customer driven approach to supply all types of fasteners like screws and others in a timely, cost efficient and effective manner. With our contacts (distributors and agents) based in different parts of the world, we can deliver the best solutions for clients fastener requirements.

Application Areas

Our incredible quality fasteners are widely used in various industries due to their excellent designs, precise dimensions, corrosion resistant body and easy to install. We are serving the requirements of several industries and attained a huge clientele over the years. These sectors include:

  • Agricultural
  • Appliances
  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Electronics
  • Marine/Shipping
  • Mining

Manufacturing Processes 

We manufacture Brass Screw, Brass Nails, MS Machine Screw, Threaded Stud and MS Self Tapping Screw via precision processes of machining, linear cutting, stamping, broaching, hobbing and slotting, to name a few prominent ones. All these processes are carried out systematically, by and under the supervision of engineers, so as to ensure the uniformity and fine quality of the products. Quality inspections and testing procedures are done by quality controllers after specific stages of production. Some of the manufacturing machines installed in our infrastructure are listed below:

  • Lathe machine
  • CNC machine
  • Punching machine
  • Stamping machine
  • Drilling machine
  • Molding machine

Quality That Matters 

To maintain our reputed position in the national market, it is important for us to continuously supply quality assured products to the customers at affordable rates. Not only does our company manufacture fasteners by using high grade raw materials but also make use of advanced technologies and machinery. 

"We accept orders of minimum INR 50000 value"
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